Safety and Loss Control

Business safety and loss control are necessary components of a complete business plan.  That’s why risk assessment, planning, prevention and workplace safety products benefit your business.  Remember, a safety-first attitude is good for everyone, from business owners to employees to customers.

Safety Services of America

Watson Insurance partners with a safety consultant, Safety Services of America, to provide our clients with a full range of loss control services.

Through this partnership, we are able to offer the following benefits:

  • Loss Control Inspections
  • Safety Recommendations
  • OSHA Compliance Inspections
  • EPA, DOT, and OSHA guidance
  • Training videos

OSHA Services

  • Watson Insurance Agency has an OSHA Outreach Instructor on staff for your compliance questions and training needs.
  • Webinars are offered throughout the year on a variety of OSHA topics such as Recordkeeping, Slip and Fall, Fall Protection, Working Safely in the Heat/Cold, Hazard Communications, etc.
  • OSHA classes are held at our Gastonia office with schedule rotating between Construction and General Industry classes.
  • On-site OSHA classes and training is also available. If you are interested in scheduling an on-site OSHA class, please contact Jessica Edwards at (704) 854-4668 or
  • Watson Insurance uses the services of Safety Services of America as a consultant to conduct Mock OSHA inspections to advise of any areas your company may be susceptible for injuries or citations, review DOT regulations, and various other workplace compliance issues.

CPR/First Aid Training

  • Watson Insurance Agency has a certified CPR/First Aid instructor available on staff to conduct your community level CPR/First Aid training needs.
  • Please contact Jessica Edwards at (704) 854-668 or to schedule a training session.